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Bricks Breaker
Bricks Breaker is an addictive and interesting bouncing game. To start game just touches the screen to release the ball and move the paddle. There are many coloured bricks on the screen like Red, Green, Yellow and Blue and your goal is to break all coloured bricks except blue with the help of bouncing ball and paddle by moving paddle left or right with your finger. You have to Prevent the ball to touch the bottom of the screen, But there are different condition while breaking different coloured bricks that is- Green bricks can be breaked by single hit. Red bricks can be breaked by double hit, at first hit it turns into green bricks and then in next hit it break out. Yellow bricks will break, when hitted thrice. Blue Bricks are unbreakable. Break more and more Bricks that help you to clear your level and get chances to play next challenging level.
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